50 years of the mighty Viggen!

On February 8, 1967, the might Saab Viggen took to the skies for the first time, piloted by Erik Dahlström! It’s almost hard to believe that this beautiful aircraft has now turned half-century.

The initial AJ 37 (attack version) was followed by reconnaissance versions (SH for maritime surveillance and SF for photo reconnaissance), a trainer (Sk 37) and the ultimate Viggen, the JA 37 fighter, which had an even more powerful engine and a fixed 30 mm Oerlikon gun installed.

Tarangus will celebrate 2017 as the year of the Viggen! Keep a look here on our website and on our Facebook page for more information!

In the meantime, upload images of your built Tarangus Viggens to our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/tarangus!

Delivering the Bulldog in 1/48!

Finally the kit is on its way to our warehouse and deliveries will begin in the coming week!

The Bulldog has never before been done in injection moulds in 1/48 scale before and thus this beautiful little kit is a welcome addition to our product range! Make sure to collect your kit from your local hobby dealer!


TA4805 TA4806

Not one but TWO Bulldogs!

In July, Tarangus will start delivering the new 1/48 kit of the Scottish Aviation Bulldog. However, this time the modeller can choose from two boxings, one for RAF and international aircraft and one for Swedish airforce and army aircraft.


Tarangus to release Saab J32B/E Lansen in 1/72 and Scottish Aviation Bulldog (Sk 61) in 1/48

Ahead of the Scale Model World show in Telford, UK, the upcoming weekend, Tarangus announces the release during the first quarter of 2016 of two new kits. First up is the Saab J 32B/E Lansen fighter in 1/72 scale. The fighter version of the Lansen has never before been done in this scale.

The second kit to be released is a small trainer which has served in several air forces, including the Royal Air Force and Swedish Air Force. The Scottish Aviation Bulldog, called Sk 61 in swedish service, can now be seen on the airshow circuit as many aircraft has found new owners on the civil register. This little airplane has never been done injection moulded in 1/48 scale before. A true classic!

Stunning builds of the Tunnan and the Viggen!

Every now and then we receive e-mails with pictures of built kits. This is something we highly appreciate and when we’re allowed, we gladly share the images!

This time, we have two amazing builds. The Tunnan kit is built by Tommy Killander and the Viggen is built by Mattias Becker for the German modelling magazine Jet & Prop (the review and build was published in issue 4/15).

And yes, these are model kits, not the real planes! This time, it was really difficult to tell the difference!