Viggen test shot at display

The first test shot of the new Tarangus Saab JA 37 Viggen in 1/48 scale can be seen at the Wentzels Hobby shop in central Stockholm, Sweden.

Even though it’s only the first test shot (we’re up to three test shots now), you can still see the high quality of the kit. This is truly a kit worth waiting for!

We’re grateful for the patience shown by our customers and hope to be able to send out the kits before summer!

We have more releases planned for this year – keep watching this space!



Ultimate reference book for the Viggen!

We normally only promote our plastic model kits, or occassionaly accessories to to them, on this website. However, something arrived in the mailbox today which I believe will be a “must have” for all of us who love the Viggen, now that the release of the Tarangus Saab JA 37 Viggen is near.. The “Saab 37 Viggen – the ultimate portfolio” from Nordic Airpower.

Claiming to be “the ultimate” of anything is quite a statement, but the book definetely lives up to its name! Consisting of 248 pages, most of them packed with images from masters such as Jan Jörgensen, Peter Liander and Anders Nylén, this is the only book that modellers need for complete references. The text is also informative and thoroughly researched, although I still hold Sven Stridsbergs “Viggen” (which is impossible to get hold of nowadays) slightly higher in this respect. That book anyway doesn’t come close when it comes to images.

So, to sum it up.. I highly recommend this book! Make sure you get your copy rightaway! I bought mine direct from the author, but I know it can be obtained from many of our retailers (some of them cheaper as well) but then you probably won’t get it signed..

Reward with kit

Tarangus Tunnan wins Model of the Year award!

The Tarangus J 29A/B Tunnan in 1/72 scale has been awarded Model of the Year award by the german hobby magazine Model-Fan.

The Tunnan won the category Airplanes – Short run. As the competition is very stiff in this segment, we are very proud to receive this very prestigious award. It will certainly encourage us in our efforts in continously provide the modellers with great kits!

Tarangus A32A Lansen 1/48 2012

Extremely well built A 32A Lansen in first livery

Martin Anderberg sent us some lovely images of his finished Tarangus A 32A Lansen! He added a lot of scratchbuilt details as well. He chose to finish the kit in the livery in which it was delivered to the first wing to receive the Lansen, F17 in Kallinge. The jets wore a natural metal finish with painted wing tips and fin. The colour of the fin and wing tips have been a matter for debate, but Martin chose a blue colour after lengthy studies of his reference material.

After finishing this project, Martin will now build an S 32C Lansen, using the Maestro Models conversion set.

We at Tarangus are very grateful for the feedback and can only say “WOW!!” Thank you Martin for the images!

Please note that all photos are copyright of Martin Anderberg.

Tarangus A32A Lansen 1/48 2012 Tarangus A32A Lansen 1/48 2012 Tarangus A32A Lansen 1/48 2012 Tarangus A32A Lansen 1/48 2012


Conversion for S 32C Lansen released by Maestro Models!

Tarangus has released two versions of the Lansen, the attacker and the figher versions. The recce version, the S 32C Lansen, has been missing until now. Maestro Models has just released a conversion set which allows modellers to turn the Tarangus A 32A Lansen into the S 32C. You can find this conversion set at the same retailers that carry Tarangus kits.


More info can be found on the Maestro Models website.